More than words

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Content creation


From snappy social media posts to press releases that journalists actually want to read, writing is what I do best. Tailoring communications to make sure you connect with your audiences is key. I can ensure you are getting the right message to the right people in the right way.




Over a decade of journalism experience, including working as the News Editor of a busy regional paper, means I have a meticulous eye for detail, am a total grammar geek and can turn the driest of content in to something that really sparkles.

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Staff engagement

A happy workforce is a well-informed workforce.

Nothing infuriates staff more than feeling like they are the last ones to know.

From printed newsletters to email bulletins and social media, I can help you find the right channels to keep your staff engaged.



Effective communications requires effective planning. I have the knowledge and the contacts to ensure you are seen by the right people at the right time. And my experience of creating communications strategies means you won’t be a one hit wonder.

I can help you create sustainable campaigns, aligned to your organisation’s priorities, that deliver results for you on a long-term basis.


Crisis communications

Having worked as both a journalist and a press officer, I have a unique insight in to crisis communications. I know what journalists want and need, and the tricky questions they will ask. But I also know how to give them this while protecting your reputation and ensuring you get your key messages out there.